Waggie’s is the leading dog school in Singapore for regular and show dog training, and its founder and owner, Patrick Wong,  is one of the most reputed and celebrated dog trainer in Singapore. All training is provided by Patrick himself, and the basic 10 week training program will help your dog become more obedient and docile.

Dog training is essential when you get a new pet. Dogs are highly energetic and bark and jump endlessly. With proper training they can be taught to stay more still and not bark unnecessarily. Housebreaking training is also essential when you get a new dog because dogs can urinate and defecate within the house multiple times and cause a huge mess. They are also prone to sitting on beds and couches, and housebreaking training will ensure that they stop doing such things.

Patrick is one of the most reputed dog trainer in Singapore and regularly trains dogs for show events, and movies. His trademark training style has helped become Waggie’s a reputed dog school in Singapore and his love for dogs has ensured that he trains each dog personally and ensures that they always get the best possible training. Your dog will be trained to respond to commands, stop barking unnecessarily and will become more obedient in such 10 weeks. The obedience training at Waggie’s also comes with a detailed discussion with Patrick who will help you understand your dog better and will make sure that you are aware of all the special requirements your dog will have as he grows up.


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