Having a well trained dog can make you and your family members very comfortable. However, an undisciplined dog is very difficult to live with. By using a dog trainer, you can get the animal under your control and make them a part of your family.  In some cases, the owners can be able to do some general dog training and it is not necessary to hire a trainer. This will help to teach your dog some basic commands.

Training of a dog is an important aspect of raising a dog. The dog training is all about establishing a strong bond between the dog and his owner.

Patrick Wong, owner of  Waggie’s Pet Care is a certified professional dog trainer. He has more than twenty five years of experience in conducting obedience training classes that meet international standards.

At Waggie’s Pet Care, we are very confident of our methods that we offer. We have been helping the dogs and their owners in Singapore and abroad for many years with dog friendly, effective and positive training. Dog training will help in developing mutual respect between the dog and its owner. After the training has been completed, you will see an obedient and happier pet. So you should hire a certified trainer to help teach your dog how to be a better companion.

Dogs are the most loyal and friendly pets of human. If trained well, dogs can be fun to be around in the house. Being one of the smart animal species, dogs are pretty easy to train. Also there is easily available dog trainer these days which can train your pet under few days. The dog trainers can teach many things to your pet dog as follows:

Basic commands:

The dog trainer can teach your dog to follow your basic commands. The basic commands include making your pet dog sit at floor, get down, stand up and shake hands. The basic commands are very helpful to keep your dog disciplined inside house. It also keeps your dog from disturbing if you are busy.

Respond to sound:

It is a type of training in which dogs are taught to respond for certain task on hearing the sound like click or bell. The respond to sound training is helpful to teach your dogs learn dinner time bell or to perform certain task on hearing the sound.

Fun tricks:

Dogs are a lot fun as pets. However trainers can make them even funnier with some fun tricks. Fun tricks in training includes finger gun shooting your dog and it plays as dead. The fun training also includes tricks like jumping, crossing between your legs and lots others.

Toilet training:

The dog trainers also teach dogs proper toilet habits. The trainers teach dog where to do nature call and potty in house. Therefore it saves you lot of cleaning efforts.

Waggie’s is the leading dog school in Singapore for regular and show dog training, and its founder and owner, Patrick Wong,  is one of the most reputed and celebrated dog trainer in Singapore. All training is provided by Patrick himself, and the basic 10 week training program will help your dog become more obedient and docile.

Dog training is essential when you get a new pet. Dogs are highly energetic and bark and jump endlessly. With proper training they can be taught to stay more still and not bark unnecessarily. Housebreaking training is also essential when you get a new dog because dogs can urinate and defecate within the house multiple times and cause a huge mess. They are also prone to sitting on beds and couches, and housebreaking training will ensure that they stop doing such things.

Patrick is one of the most reputed dog trainer in Singapore and regularly trains dogs for show events, and movies. His trademark training style has helped become Waggie’s a reputed dog school in Singapore and his love for dogs has ensured that he trains each dog personally and ensures that they always get the best possible training. Your dog will be trained to respond to commands, stop barking unnecessarily and will become more obedient in such 10 weeks. The obedience training at Waggie’s also comes with a detailed discussion with Patrick who will help you understand your dog better and will make sure that you are aware of all the special requirements your dog will have as he grows up.

Having a pet is perhaps one of the best ways to improve the quality of live. For the simple reason being that they provide unconditional love and not only that they also work in improving the wellness of a person, both emotionally and physically too. With a furry pet like a dog, it not only decreases stress and high levels of anxiety but also works wonderfully well in helping people get up and about and take a walk or run. Thereby this works doubly well – decrease risk of strokes and improve energy levels.

However it is important to have a proper dog training program from the time the animal is a pup. It starts with a schedule right from mealtimes to the time they defecate. There are established ways in training pets based on the attributes of the animal, her/his personality traits that are met with reinforcement either through approved communication or with a treat. There are many institutes that provide this format of house training pets, which works wonderfully well, but it is also important for the owner to bond with the animal. Dogs they say make the best friends and in fact are a lot more loyal than humans! Many people who are owners of pets actually prefer spending time with them rather than the chit chat with gossips!

Puppy kindergarten classes are organized in various parts of the world with a view to getting the young pups organized by providing dog training programs. When a puppy is small it is much easier training it and when there are interactive sessions, they automatically learn a lot faster. It starts with house training, learning the behavior of the animal, understanding the nuances of social acceptability along with nurturing the pet. This is all conducted in a free and open manner to inculcate a relationship with the animal, the trainer as well as the owner. It pays to be present while the pup is being taught a few rudimentary steps to let it know that you care. It has been noted that animals bond very easily when they trust someone and it is advisable for the owner to be present, especially if one loves the pet.

There is another side to the story where the dog training Singapore programs teaches the animal about other aspects. For instance many people with visual problems can be in a happier space if they have a pet with them. Animals are also ideal as watch dogs to ensure that thieves and other nefarious elements are kept away from their belongings. Police dogs are trained to sniff out the bad guys and to detect any negative substances if any. Many culprits have been booked for serious offences in various parts of the globe because of these sniffer dogs that are a boost in keeping away hardened criminals.

Dog training is one of the best things you can do for your puppy. It is an art form that takes time to develop the skills to change behavior in a dog. Each dog trainer has his own way. However, the best among them is one who focuses on the individual dog owner. Being a dog owner, you need to make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing a trainer. Make a short list.

The best way to find the right trainer for your beloved puppy is to ask questions about the method. Many trainers encourage one genre of training. After they have said you about how you should go about training your puppy you must ask them why they prefer this method. If you are not getting a satisfied answer then you are most certainly dealing with an amateur. A professional can explain both the positive and negative aspects with any method. A professional can also consider the do’s and don’ts based on individual factors in each case.

Dog obedience training is really necessary to nurture a dog obedient. You should contact a waggie to make a bond between you and your dog trainer stronger.

A well groomed dog is a thing of joy for a pet owner. He minds all the instructions and functions effectively in the use of other individuals, kids and other creatures. But many individuals do not realize the significance of pet training.

Dog training school in Singapore is the method of educating right abilities and behavior to the pets. The different abilities trained for a dog during training and addressing certain instructions and studying how to manage in a good atmosphere.

Before you start training your dog, you should know how a well-trained dog acts. The vital factor that a dog must understand is home splitting. This interval is very essential because that is the interval when the dog understands how to stay and get familiar with people. It is during this stage where a dog understands how to adhere to certain family guidelines and to manage his desires. A well qualified dog is one who rests with control.

Just think about you are in another country, and do not know their 'languages'. Then think what should be your actions and positions letting others comprehend your emotions. If you can create the appropriate think then you can definitely practice your pet dogs effectively. Wages pet care was the best recommended dog school in Singapore, which was most extensive and expert pet training school providing a variety of dog behavior programs.

Dog training can not only make dogs responsible but also entrust them with loyalty, devotion and friendship. It has become much easier these days with advanced training practices of expert dog trainers in Singapore.

It takes a lot of efforts to train a dog and most of the pet owners don’t have time and patience to manage this job. They prefer to hire a professional dog trainer when it comes to teach their dogs basic lessons. While training dogs, instructions have to be given repeatedly in order to ensure that the dog follows it properly and on time. For Singapore locals who are having dogs or poppies but are unable to handle the difficult task of dog training, many professional training centers in Singapore are operating to assist them. They have qualified dog trainers in Singapore who know the tricks and techniques of training all types of dogs. These trainers start with basic commands like come, sit, go, down and then move to the advanced phase of dog training in order to continuously educate the dogs and make them great companions for life.

Dog Training in Singapore can now be enjoyable for every pet owner no matter whether they have hunting dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs, companion dogs or any other variety. A qualified dog trainer will be available to train their dogs regardless of size, breed or age. The training methods will be mostly animal friendly and based on a scientific study of dog behavior problems.

Most of the pet owners want to see the alertness and accuracy of their dogs, particularly when they execute their orders, guard their homes or participate in competitions. But they don’t often have skills to train their dogs and keep them healthy and responsive all the time. Their burden is now shared by reputed dog training in Singapore centers. Unlike ordinary lessons, they give dogs professional training to make them well behaved.

When it becomes difficult for owners to read and change the behavior of their dogs, they can take guidance from an expert dog trainer in Singapore. The trainer will be dedicated to make right assessment of dog’s behavior and temper and then implement the right training method to reduce potential risk from these animals and ensure their reliability. When it comes to teach obedience to dogs and encourage them adoption of healthy and innovative practices, there is nothing like dog training sessions in Singapore. They will ensure the following:

  1. Make the dog friendly to the owner, his/her family and society and prevent it from creating any unexpected situation.
  2. Remove all kinds of confusion and make the dog feel comfortable and confident at the same time.
  3.  Bring a lot of happiness and joy in the life of dogs and their owners.

Dog Obedience Training for behavior is generally a system that needs effective participation of both the proprietor and the dog. The whole dog training instructs them how to connect with each other successfully. In case you do not know, dog training for behavior is important to making a powerful and near connection with your dog.

Dog Obedience Training for actions is something you should begin from the very day your dog comes at your front door. It is not something you can hesitate or wait as your dog would easily type its routines. It can become challenging in the future to modify and appropriate any dog actions problems like extreme woofing, eating etc as they stay more time at your home. Keep in mind that dog actions training is a great way of interacting and developing relationship with your best buddy. It also guarantees he/she is under control and secure for the whole family.

To accomplish that,dog training is the most effective and fastest way to speed up the dog training for behavior of your dog.

Dog training for actions need not be boring and complicated. Find out Waggie’s Pet Care, the most acclaimed dog training school in Singapore.We provides best professional dog obedience training with behavior modifications and other dog friendly training techniques.

Sometimes dealing with a new puppy becomes very frustrating. However, our life would be very easier if we could get through this stage.

If we do not handle the situation calmly, it will affect the future efforts in training. Do not let your frustration turn into anger or hit him. If we will try to handle the situation with patience then, it would be easier to teach the other important behaviors to our dog.

-You should keep your puppy in a controlled area. The area should be small and contain a place for your puppy to rest. A dog never likes to make his personal area unclean. Keep this in mind and follow some of the other suggestions mentioned below if you want your life easier.

-You need to prepare a strict schedule for your dog and it will help in making the dog more obedient. Don’t miss to get him up and take outside in every morning. It should be your first responsibility towards your cute pet at the beginning of a day.

-It is better to take him out to the same place every day. Create a command for every action. Your commands have no meaning as long as the dog will not recognize and relate that word with the task. Do not forget to praise him when he has done the things right.

There are many dog schools to choose from. Some are like boarding schools where you can send your puppy for a certain period of time and have them returned completely obedient. Others are very common where the instructors interact with both you and your dog. Check the instructor’s qualification and experience before you send your dog to that school.